Bryan College Station Sports + Events is asking our clients and community partners to take part in a Guest Blogger Series, where we ask – What do sports mean to you?

Up first, the KAGS sports team, made up of Justin Woodard and Mike Lucas. 

Sports are everything to us.

It’s what our careers are built around, it’s what we talk about in our free time, and it’s what our fondest memories are anchored in.

With out the games, we’re lost. There’s no other way to put it.

We’re doing our best to keep some sort of normalcy during these odd times by talking to as many athletes, coaches and administrators as we can, but those conversations can’t replace the feeling of standing on the sidelines at Kyle Field or sitting on the baseline at Reed Arena.

Nothing can.

Just like the rest of the world, we’re counting down the days until games grace our TV screens again and we have something to go cover. Until then, we’re staying inside and doing our part to flatten the curve. We know it sucks, but it’s the fastest way to getting our games back.

-The KAGS Sports Team

Mike and Justin haven’t let COVID deprive them of sports or their passion of reporting on them. Check out this story on Texas A&M Softball Senior Outfielder Kelbi Fortenberry or this creative bit, where Mike and Justin face off in a game of NCAA Football!

Bryan College Station Sports + Events thanks KAGS, Justin Woodard, and Mike Lucas for their participation in this blog series, and most importantly, for being trusted community partners in BCS! We’re looking forward to working closely with them again soon!

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