In the sports tourism world, everyday it is our jobs to tell you how amazing our communities are. We find so much pride in telling the world we have the best facilities, restaurants, transportation, hotels and people. We find strength in our locals and their commitment to make our jobs easier by elevating their game every day. During this time, that commitment is no different.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways we could never think of and as the unknown still looms here and afar, these are the times that we get to see the true strength of the community that we so proudly tout to the world every day. We get to see the resilience, the drive, the hunger and the grit that makes this community great.


BCS Sports and Events and Experience Bryan College Station are fighting to be that leader in this time to help be a vital part of this recovery process.  We understand the impact this situation is having on our hospitality industry. We continue to take steps toward recovery, as we want to ensure these impacts are behind us as quickly as possible. Rather than backing down, we’re focusing on increased sales and marketing efforts. Our sales team is using this time to develop new prospective events and strategically plan to show these groups that BCS is ready as soon it is reasonable. Also, we’re working with the EBCS Board and each city to try and increase incentive opportunities immediately from the HOT Grant and Major Impact Event funds. Finally, we’re working with our marketing teams to strategize appropriate messaging to bring tourism back to our vibrant, strong community.


So many industries, people and organizations have grabbed the ball and continued to make sure Bryan College Station has a shot.


We have seen our hoteliers provide rooms for those working the front lines in the hospitals, emergency personnel and first responders to help flatten the curve. We have seen our Cavalry Court and George hotels partner with four former students to give struggling Aggies two meals a day until April 28. At 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day, Feed Maroon invites any student in need of a hot meal to pick up sacked nutritional supplies at the Canteen of the Cavalry Court in Century Square. Donations can be made here.


Restaurants and Breweries have had to adjust to providing meals with no dining rooms. We used to see teams, parents and coaches pile into our restaurants and bond while making timeless memories that will forever shape their lives. Our restaurants know what was lost but they are focusing on the opportunity. We have seen the majority of our eateries become take-out and drive through as well as open their kitchens to help feed kids. See an up-to-date list here.  Many are providing family meals options to bring that sense of togetherness and family to our homes while we all adhere to the shelter in place to protect our community. We have seen our breweries partner with local organizations to create specialty beers to give back. We have distilleries that are making hand sanitizer to help the growing need. All of these actions prove how strong, resilient, and downright amazing out community is.


We continue to see organizations that still need our help and support as a community. A couple below are listed:

  • The United Way of the Brazos ValleyCommunity Foundation of the Brazos Valley, and both cities have started a COVID-19 Community Relief Fund for local small businesses and non-profits. Find ways to help here.
  • Medical workers are low on essential medical supplies .If you have access to any of the following supplies, please take the time to donate them to 4001 East 29th Street, Suite 175.  The Chamber will turn all donations over to the Brazos Valley Regional Advisory Council to divide supplies between our hospitals.
    • Medical/surgical masks (specifically N95, K95, NPR99 and NPR 99, but the low demand has lowered some hospital regulations)
    • Surgical and isolation gowns
    • Medical grade gloves
  • Local blood centers and drives need your help now more than ever. Give thought to giving back to your local community


Right now, we must all continue to be strong from our homes and practice safe social distancing. This shelter in place is what our nation needs and what our community needs. Bryan College Station will continue to be a leader at this time and the community that we are so proud of everyday. I love BCS and seeing the strength of our community in these times is truly the highlight of my job. Let’s take time to see that our community is doing incredible things to make sure that we continue to be a top destination in the USA.


Dominique Powell, CSEE, TDM

Director of Sports + Events

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