BCS WILL BE READY by Courtney Fegter

Howdy friends and colleagues!


As gatherings and events across the globe have come to a sudden halt, I truly hope that COVID-19 has brought some form of light into your life.  For me, last month I spent a good amount of my time stressing about the month of April – I only had 5 days out of the whole month I wouldn’t be travelling.  But right now, I would give anything to attend that Women’s Final Four game with the Women in Sports Summit, be meeting with clients on a sales trip to Austin, or gathering with thousands of the finest folks in the industry in Kansas City.  While the last few weeks have been chaotic trying to understand what is happening in the world, I hope these next few weeks of social distancing will bring you time to reconnect, refocus, and recharge.


Our team at BCS Sports + Events has embodied the definition of adaptable.  From conversations of:  “Wow, what’s next?” to “We are humans first, Let’s make sure our partners are okay.” and “We have to cut HOW much from our budget?”,  we are fighting to stay at the forefront of the sports tourism industry with whatever resources we are provided with at the end of the day. 


Our main focus during this downtime is to work closely with our local facilities, the cities of Bryan and College Station, hotels and restaurants, and other community partners to ensure that we understand their needs.  Switching our mindset as tourism professionals to true community liaisons has been a challenge, but we are offering fresh ideas to keep our community thriving and will be better than ever once normal life resumes.  We’re focusing on this now to ensure that when you’re ready to host in Bryan College Station, we will be ready.  In the next few weeks you’ll see how we are utilizing technology to connect our clients from across the nation to our community. And once we get the all clear – we will be ramping up our sales efforts and going to visit our clients in their communities!  We are here to support, and ensure all expectations and bottom lines can be met.  


While it’s devastating to see how much has changed in just a Fortnite (pun intended for you e-sports people), the last few weeks have been unprecedented and just downright hard.  Our team is remaining positive and working towards the future and rest assured, when the “Travel is safe” and “Life as we know it can be resumed” calls are made, we’ll be ready to answer here in Bryan College Station. Sports is a recession resistant industry and sports tourism will bounce back and be one of the leaders in the return to a thriving economy.


Yours Truly,


Courtney Fegter

Sports & Events Manager


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